Sarnoff & Baccash
Sarnoff & Baccash
Concentrating in Property Tax Law

Established in 1986, Sarnoff & Baccash has earned a national reputation as one of the leading property tax law firms in the country. The firm is dedicated to personally providing high-quality, professional and cost efficient legal and consulting services in pursuit of equitable fair market values, applicable incentives, reduced tax rates and, ultimately, lower property taxes. Through the examination of factors that influence property assessments and taxes, Sarnoff & Baccash seeks to increase its clients' profits by reducing real estate taxes.

Sarnoff & Baccash Concentrating in Property Tax Law

Sarnoff & Baccash represents large and small taxpayers with respect to property tax assessment issues in connection with commercial, industrial and high-rise residential properties throughout the state of Illinois (with a heavy concentration in Chicago, Cook County and the surrounding "collar counties").

Sarnoff & Baccash represents properties in many states, including:

Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Utah, Wisconsin, etc.

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